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4 Ways to Take CBD You Haven't Tried

by Molly Behunin September 25, 2019

4 Ways to Take CBD You Haven't Tried

4 Ways to Take CBD You Haven't Tried

CBD tea infusions


CBD coffee so often owns the spot light when it comes to CBD-beverage-infusions due to its effects on your mental clarity and focus. One of our favorite things to drink in fall here at My Natural CBD is CBD green tea! We get a blend of peppermint and green tea, steep the tea for 3min and then add a teaspoon of honey and a full dose of our CBD Tincture. We offer four different milligram variations of our CBD tinctures, and all of them taste wonderful with green tea. Our 300mg CBD tincture is peppermint flavored so it adds the perfect flavor boost! We also offer 1,000mg CBD, 2,500mg CBD and 5,000mg CBD. Each have an earthy and woodsy taste, when they are infused into tea. It creates a balanced and full bodied flavor you will LOVE!
Green tea and CBD go hand in hand because they are both anti-inflammatories. Green tea is known for its digestive properties, it ignites your metabolism so it is a total fat burner. The antioxidants in green tea helps fight certain types of sickness and helps with anti-aging. Like CBD, Green tea has many health and wellness benefits. When CBD is added, to your morning tea, it will give you the extra boost of healing powers plus add a whole new flavor profile!

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath bombs

Speaking of warm and soothing, CBD baths are going to be your new favorite thing to come home to! Fall and winter represents the holidays, gratitude, yummy squashes and warm scarves, but it also means cold bones and flue season. Those last two items on the list are not so pleasant to think about at all, and luckily with CBD bath bombs you don't have to! When using CBD topically, you’re typically limited to feeling the effects of CBD in the localized area. However, it’s possible to turn topical CBD application into a full-body experience by taking a bath in CBD. Our CBD bath bombs contain 30mg of CBD and come in two different variations, lavender and pink himalayan salt. When they are absorbed into your warm bath their aromas are soothing, and the CBD will soak into your skin while you relax. This way your whole entire body can be soothed and pain free. Treat yourself with a CBD bath bomb today at My Natural CBD's online store!

CBD topical pain cream

CBD Topical Pain Cream

Are you ready for this?
......Nano infused, time encapsulated, topical CBD pain cream.

WOW! That is quite the title, so what exactly does all of that mean?
Pretty much that it is the best CBD cream on the market to date but let's brake it down.
Nano infused means that the CBD is infused into the cream so that it is able to be absorbed through the layers of your skin and into your muscles and joints to combat your pain. Many creams sit on top of your skin and offer temporary pain relief, with nano infusion technology the CBD can actually offer long-term healing. Time encapsulated means that the CBD absorbs over time rather than all at once. This elongates the amount of time that your CBD pain cream is in effect. This product is used by an array of different people from athletes, gym lovers, people with arthritis, injuries and even people who have migraines.

CBD hemp plant healing

CBD water

Water is one of the best ways to get more healthy. It sounds so simple, yet many of us forget to drink enough water each day, especially for those of you who are active. Water is the human bodies best friend, it offers cleaner internal organ systems, clear skin, and a healthier blood system. To make your water more exciting you can add your CBD tincture into the mix! Place at least one full pipette of CBD into 12oz of water and shake well. My Natural CBD's tinctures contain CBD that has high bioavailability and is easy to absorb. Water is important, and if your reading this your CBD probably is too, so drink your water and add your CBD!

Let us know your favorite way to take your CBD by posting a photo and tagging us at @my_naturalcbd !
Molly Behunin
Molly Behunin

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