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Chad Lowe: Professional Wakeboarder Testimonial with My Natural CBD

by My Natural CBD August 01, 2018

Chad Lowe Rides for My Natural CBD

Chad Lowe: age 42, professional wakeboarder and wakeboard coach

CBD Tinctures from My Natural CBD Help Chad Lowe when he wakeboards


Riding for over 20 years, at the most competitive level, has taken a major toll on my knees and back. The daily wear and tear of training and riding, coupled with the serious injuries many athletes incur over long careers had left me visiting doctors office after doctors office trying to find out what I could do to help relieve the pain and stiffness. During my last visit, two years ago, I was told that I had developing arthritis and, no meniscus remaining in my right knee. There was nothing I could do outside of undergoing surgery and using pain killers and muscle relaxers.

I couldn’t believe that this was my only option. One of my worst fears has always been that I wouldn’t be able to run and play with my kids as I got older; and I left the office innately knowing that both surgery and being on pain killers every day would have made that fear a reality. I went on a quest, as soon as I left the office, to find something to help me get my knee back into shape so I could be an active father, and hopefully get back to riding regularly. After a few late nights reading everything I could find online, I started implementing my newfound “solutions”: First, I eliminated inflammatory foods. Then I started stretching and practicing yoga for an increase in range of motion. Finally, I started using the 1,000 mg CBD Tincture, from My Natural CBD.

I felt progressively better throughout the implementation of my new regimen, but it was after the addition of the CBD oil tincture at night that I was rewarded with a noticeable reduction in pain.  My knee no longer ached after long days of riding. The generalized aches and pains that had been increasing for years diminished. I could run and jump with my little one without feeling stiff and brittle.

As an added benefit, I found that CBD helped take away the tension I felt when trying to go to sleep after an intense day in the boat coaching my team.  I was getting better nights of sleep and my knee was feeling good the next morning; two things that greatly improved both my mood and my outlook on getting older.

I’ve been using CBD for over 6 months regularly now, and I can tell you that my knee hasn't felt this good in years, and that sleep is both coming more quickly and lasting for longer stretches. My conclusion: CBD isn't a miracle drug that will turn back the clock, but it will allow you to regain the youthful feel of having a body that doesn’t hurt all the time, and as a forty something that’s all I could ask for.  

My Natural CBD Oil used by Chad Lowe

I hope you enjoyed my review and big thanks to the team at My Natural CBD for your product support. If anyone is interested in better yourself at wakeboarding you can check my coaching site out. Click Here 

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