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Chad Lowe Travels To Japan With My Natural CBD For Worlds Wakeboarding Competition

by My Natural CBD September 11, 2018

Practice Run for Chad Lowe At Japan Worlds

Honored Tell the Story and Work With Professional Athlete Chad Lowe.

As a traveling wakeboarder there are certain must when I travel, wakeboard, computer, a good book, phone charger, and now My Natural CBD. In August I went to Japan for the 30th World Wakeboard Association World Championship in Miyoshi City. Japan has recently legalized CBD, so I knew I would be safe carrying around Japan while I over there.

On my 10 hour flight over to Tokyo I had my CBD Gummies in my carry on. I knew the flight would be long and during the day, so I would be flying during daylight hours and experience a 16 hour time change, plus being a day ahead. The gummies allowed me to relax on the flight, even though I am an experienced traveler, being pent up for ten hours can get to anyone. I took 2 CBD Gummies during my flight over and was able to relax and not get any nerves for the up coming competition. On the flight home the gummies (I took 2 again) helped me sleep for 5 hours of my 9.5 hour flight home. I have never been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours on a plane, so this was a pleasant surprise, and I was refreshed and not jet lagged arriving back into USA.


My Natural CBD In JapanWhile in Japan I use the 1000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture, this is what I use everyday for pain management. But after a long day of travel and going through a major time change the My Natural CBD helped get a solid first night of sleep, so I could get on schedule and be ready to be at my best for the competition. An added benefit with havingJapan Culture CBD in my system was it allowed the inflammation from travel to calm down faster than usual, the stiffness in my arthritic knee was not nearly as bad as it has been in the past on long transcontinental flights. Knowing that I would be competing in a few days it was a nice to know I wouldn't have to worry about stiff joints going into the competition. During my entire trip to Japan I got great nights of sleep every night, and was able to wake with energy and ready for the day. There was no jet lag days or groggy mornings.   









Chad Lowe In Japan With My Natural CBDI had a decent showing in the competition, placing 4th in World for 2018, but the chance to travel to Japan and experience a new country and culture was amazing. My Natural CBD helped my trip go smoothly and not have any of the aches, pains, and anxiety that goes along long days of travel. My Natural CBD will always be in my travel essentials from now on.

My Natural CBD
My Natural CBD

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