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Loren Laguens Gives My Natural CBD Testimonal

by My Natural CBD July 27, 2018

My Natural CBD Testimonal

Generation X = Generation Stress

CBD Tincture WIth Coffee

I used to think it was the fact that I am Jewish, or the subtle-but-always-there pressure of being the first born, that caused me to lie awake at 3 am trying to figure out how I was going to finally "get there". Surely most people don't feel like they're struggling this hard, right?
My Natural CBD with Loren
Objectively, my life is amazing: Born and raised in the gorgeous surf haven that is Del Mar, CA to an amazing family, educated, healthy, with my dream job of owning a killer coffee company, a beautiful girlfriend and a tight group of friends that I get to travel the world with, it appears I have everything a guy my age could possibly want. While reflecting on the positives in my life, I couldn't help but wonder why I constantly felt what can only be described as the crushing weight of my own expectations bearing down on me all of the time, unable to shut my brain off, sleeping very few hours a night, and even fewer in a row. Curious as to how many other people may feel this way, I went online and did some digging and was surprised at what I found. According to a recent CNBC article, fifty seven percent of Gen Xers - aged 37 to 52 - report nearly twice the level of stress that's considered safe from serious health risk. ( My generation, Generation X, is now being dubbed as Generation Stress. 

While sitting around a fire pit in La Jolla recently, enjoying an adult beverage and talking life with 15 or so of my friends, I validated my online findings. More than half of my friends had been feeling the same way I had. Stress. Worry. Anxiety. Insomnia. All of it. We talked about the different things we had all used to cope: Xanax, Wellbutrin and Ambien came up a lot. Cognizant of the fact that we are all pushing 40 and pharmaceuticals are basically poison, we started swapping notes on new things to try: "Have you tried yoga?", "What about melatonin?", etc. "CBD" a friend of mine said, rather casually. "It's changed my life. I have some in the car, I'll give it to you".

Being the Type A, obsessive guy that I am, I accepted the gift, but spent 3 hours googling "What is CBD" and "What does CBD do" before I took it the next night. Site after site touted it was a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protectant compound that, although derived from cannabis or hemp, doesn't get you high. Delving deeper, I saw study results from respected publications like the New England Journal of Medicine that reported 40%+ drops in the seizure rates of patients with epilepsy, peer reviewed studies on using CBD for pain relief and articles on how CBD can control diabetes. Already pretty stoked about what the articles and journals told me, it was the "How CBD Oil can Help Anxiety" article on ( that really sold me. I took my first few drops from the tincture that night and haven't looked back since.

When I take CBD, which I have started doing by putting several droplets in my coffee in the morning, and taking a full tincture of at night, I can actually feel myself calm down and let go of anxiety. I now look forward to the first tincture in the morning to get focused and ready for the day, and in the evening to help me unwind. I feel clearer and more calm. I also just feel generally better about the fact that I'm not using pharmaceuticals. I've never wanted to be "that guy" that reaches for a pill bottle to fix things and I am really enjoying the fact that I have found something natural that I can use, that actually works, and that I feel good about recommending to my friends. As an added benefit, I have found that since I started using CBD, I've reduced my usage of ibuprofen and throttled back the general complaints about things hurting. That's a huge thing for an aging surfer like me. Years of wake-boarding, surfing, snowboarding (and some years of recklessness in my 20's) had led to a generalized feeling of pain and a sense of solidarity with those cartoon images they show on BenGay boxes with skeletons grabbing their low back. I had even started reminiscing with my friends about the days when we could get out of bed without sound effects. Several weeks into my CBD oil usage, I feel much less rickety and like the inflammation in my over-worn joints is way down. Although not the original intent behind using it, I've got to say this is a hell of an added benefit and I am back on my surfing game.

 Surfing after CBD Tincture usage

Surfing sequence with CBD

Over the past few weeks, I've learned more about the different ways you can take CBD. I've tried different products: tinctures, gummies, vape cartridges to name a few, and have settled on the 300mg Tincture from My Natural CBD as my favorite ( I like the dummy proof dosing (one tincture under the tongue) and the fact that its not in pill form. I have added it to my coffee (success!) my water (Not successful) and started adding it in with my regular olive oil while cooking. The more I find out about it, the more I want to incorporate it into my daily life and diet, and have begun seeking out cool places to go that offer CBD infused products, like Madison on Park here in San Diego. They offer a CBD Cocktail, aptly named Mr. Nice Guy, made with mezcal, matcha, pineapple, coconut milk, lime and CBD oil. Its delicious. I also traded in going to the juice place next door and drive a few blocks further to Jimbo's, where I get their "CBD Elixer", which is cucumber, spinach, lemon, celery, tumeric, ginger and CBD. 

In a nutshell, I'm writing this review in hopes that I can save a few of people from watching the ceiling fan turn at night. If I can help even one guy like me roll into his 40s a little calmer and in a little less pain than I'll consider these 1000 words a huge success. Also, I included some epic surfing shots of me right after dosing CBD from My Natural CBD.

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