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NFL Star Gronk Partners with CBD Company

by Molly Behunin September 18, 2019

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NFL Star Gronk Partners with CBD Company

Your grandma is using it, your dog loves it and your best friend swears by it. If you had any doubts about the use of CBD surely they are dissipated by now. Retired NFL star Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots has bought a stake in a CBD company called CBDMedic and has agreed to promote the products. Gronk has agreed to this deal because he has been able to change the quality of his health by personally using CBD products. He believes that CBD can help heal the pain in others the way it has done for him. When Gronk was talking in a news conference he said he is "blown away with how well it worked. I am pain free, and that is a big deal.” This is a major step from CBD being an alternative medical treatment, to being accepted by the mainstream public. 

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CBC Normalcy

This shows us that people from all walks of life are now transitioning to plant medicine and whole body healing. This is game changing for a country who has had a long history of pharmaceutical use that causes way more harm than good. Questions still may swirl about CBDs medical legitimacy and legality, but as soon as sports superstars get behind a health movement, it seems like the scales rapidly tip in that products favor. This is because athletes have a huge impact on the public opinion and they generally seem to care about what they put into their body.

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Want to feel / heal like Gronk?

Gronk says that his father recommended using CBD for his extreme back pain. Once he started using it on a daily basis, his pain was completely alleviated. If you are curious about using CBD it is important to first identify what you are using your CBD for, then use a dosage calculator to get your perfect daily dose based on your individual body type. If you are like Gronk and have extreme body pains, our healing experts at My Natural CBD would recommend taking one of our liquid CBD tinctures sublingually twice daily along with our Nano Infused CBD pain cream.

My Natural CBD's sublingual tincture will help ease the body from the inside, working with your receptors in your effected areas. My Natural CBD's Nano Infused CBD pain cream is scientifically formulated to optimize your muscle and joint healing. The CBD is nano infused, this means that the CBD goes through all of skin layers and into your muscle or joint. It is also time encapsulated so the CBD is time released. This will allow your pain to be alleviated for way longer than just putting CBD on your effected area all at once. (how amazing is that?!) Using the duo of CBD cream and CBD tincture, not only will you feel pain free like Gronk but you will feel good enough to go out and play some football or hike some mountains!

Emotional and Physical needs

Many athletes push their bodies to the extreme, their bodies ware down fast and they face several injuries over the course of their career. As of recently NFL players are notably leaving football early due to the need to recover. Gronk was the young age of 30 years old when he decided to retire from the NFL in March of 2019. “I needed to recover,” Gronkowski said, his voice cracking. “I was not in a good place. Football was bringing me down, and I didn’t like it.”
“During that time, I had countless injuries and nine surgeries, which took an absolute beating on my body and my soul,” he continued. “I was hurt both mentally and physically, day in and day out. I decided to walk away from the game for one main reason: I had to recover.”
In Gronkowski’s nine years with the Patriots, he suffered myriad injuries, including a broken forearm in 2012, which took four surgeries to heal. He tore a knee ligament in 2013, and in the Super Bowl last February, a blow to his leg left him with major swelling.
He mentions that if he would have been able to use CBD while he was playing football, it would have majorly changed his ability to play pain-free and have a longer career in football.

The mental and physical needs for healing is not something that is exclusive to athletes. The need for healing on all levels is something that we all share as humans. CBD is special because it is able to work with so many systems in our bodies. It can relieve stress and anxiety, while also easing tension in your physical body.

cbd pain cream for muscles and joints

Call to Action for Professional Athletes

Will professional sports allow players to smoke weed!?

A statement from NFL player Gronk that really stood out to us here at My Natural CBD is when he called out the NFL by saying, “I’m here today to appeal to the sports-governing bodies of the world to update their position on CBD whether that’s the NBA, MLB, or NFL,” he said. “It’s just time.”

In May, the NFL announced the creation of a committee to research “pain management and alternative therapies,” which could include the use of marijuana among athletes. Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer, also said marijuana and CBD would be considered as alternative treatments.

We agree. Time is up. There is no reason for anyone to be prohibited from using isolate CBD products. Isolate CBD is a single molecule extract from the hemp plant. There is NO THC what so ever in isolate CBD. It is 100% CBD. Is there any other way we can paint a more clear picture?! If you were to take an isolate CBD product and then have to take a drug test, you would pass. It dose not matter if you are an athlete, in the military or any other kind of profession that would drug test, you would pass with isolate CBD products.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis told CNBC that he uses a hemp extract to cope with pain from his playing days and that the remedy could be used to help other athletes “feel normal again.”

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Whats Next For CBD? 

Many labs, doctors and government officials are leading extensive research studies to understand the exact effects of CBD in our body. 
This will help tremendously in the legalization process of hemp and cannabis products and use. 

As for now, My Natural CBD does offer shipping legally, to all 50 states in the US! You can utilize the healing powers of CBD literally in the next three days (when our product ships to you) and you can finally feel pain free! 

Molly Behunin
Molly Behunin

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