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Primal Healing: Biology of CBD

by Molly Behunin February 08, 2019

CBD versus Pills

As human beings, it is in our primal nature to heal with plants, to cure with nature. Our bodies thrive when we are in union with the very powerful, very available, plant kingdom.
Now more than ever we are utilizing plants as medicine. Our bodies were never meant to absorb the amount of chemicals that we are consuming for “health purposes.” Common prescription drugs are a cocktail of processed chemicals, served to you with a slew of side effects. So basically you are curing one problem but creating hundreds of new in the process. It becomes a dangerous cycle of getting prescribed medicine, that causes other issues that you then need other prescriptions to fix, and then you have created a whole new set off imbalances in your body. Our livers simply cannot handle the amount of medicines we are consuming.

2,500MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil

 As we begin to transition into using botanical healing and plant medicine, as eastern doctors have for thousands of years, we clearly see that the results work more harmoniously with our biological systems. Rather than having negative side effects, medicines like CBD, heal your targeted ailments and nourishes other systems as well. It is so interesting that we are all share space on this planet yet, the U.S. is newly normalizing Chinese medicine philosophies. 

We have already seen a major shift in the health and wellness of our population by introducing CBD into the market of wellness. 

There have now been enough CBD clinical trials in the United Stated for FDA-approved medicines, confirming that it is, in fact an effective medicine. So effective that because of definitive medical studies, CBD is being used to treat Parkinson’s disease, addictions, epilepsy, schizophrenia, inflammation, PTSD, and much more. Researches were stunned at how cannabinoids  can treat so many different things, but after testing they found that because of the properties of full spectrum cannabinoids, it is able to work with several of humans biological systems, unlike most prescribed medicines that only work with one. Scientists have proved that the prevailing systems cannabinoids works with are, the endocannabinoid system, lymphatic serotonin receptor stems, pain receptor system, gene activation system as well as your enzymes.

We are primal, the biology of our bodies are designed to heal and nourish with nature. As research expands and laws evolve, CBD is becoming an available resource for treatment. My Natural CBD's full spectrum tinctures are doctor recommended, sustainably sourced products that can help you heal directly with your biological systems, without all of the toxins and side effects of traditional drugs.
Molly Behunin
Molly Behunin

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