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The Science of Pleasure and Ancient CBD History

by Molly Behunin February 14, 2019

The Science of Pleasure and Ancient CBD History

New Age stigmas, ancient herbs

When the majority of people think about cannabis, they more often than not instantly think about smoking blunts or hitting fancy shaped blown glass. We have a narrowed view of what cannabis is, and how it has been used, believing that the first human use of cannabis was drying the herb, igniting it with a flame and inhaling the smoke. The truth of the matter is that when the cannabis plant was originally discovered for its medicinal properties in prehistoric times, it was predominately used topically and nearly never smoked at all! Medicine healers, herbalist and doctors decades ago prescribed cannabis herbal remedies regularly. Cannabis was used particularly for gynecological relief in both men and woman. When humans first discovered the powers of this medicinal plant It was in fact dried, but then boiled and mixed with other herbs and oils to use topically. It was one of the most widespread therapeutic remedies before its criminalization in the 20th century. Then because of drastic changes in our society revolving around technological advances, heavy marketing campaigns and the domination of corporations, cannabis and hemp along with other forms of natural healing was casted a shadow of negative stigmas. 

CBD for a lifetime of wellness 

There is an idea that has been adopted about cannabis only being used for its psychoactive effects and it being a gateway drug. We envision a young teen using cannabis and making questionable decisions. This script is being rewritten as we progress the research and resurface the true history of CBD. There are so many different ways to use hemp plants, and literally hundreds of molecules that interact with our bodies that we can actually single out to use for its individual properties. As of recently, people are beginning to adopt the normalization of using hemp or cannabis as a real treatment option for their imbalances and sicknesses. With increasing legalization and regulation of cannabis and hemp, we are finally beginning to reclaim the healing powers of this potent plant. As CBD methods of extraction and production becomes more consistent companies are able to offer reliable products that are transforming the way that we can heal our bodies. The CBD movement has just begun but it is evolving rapidly with new CBD brands surfacing regularly. Products and companies started out by offering variations of CBD oils and vapes and possibly some topical creams, but as more CBD companies are being established the product market is beginning to get really creative to beat out competition. We are seeing products like CBD lube, CBD beer and even CBD bath bombs! With hemp as a controlled substance being legalized only for about a year it is already being widely adopted into the wellness regimens of all kinds of people. CBD is not just loved by millennials for our very apparent stress an anxiety, but it is also being used by older generations for PTSD, authorities, sleeping issues, mental clarity, and so much more. This is quite the magical re-birth of a historically powerful plant. 

Herbal remedies, inspired by ancestors 

Healers would combine hemp leaves into their herbal medicinal recipes to provide a full spectrum of healing. We got inspired by this ancient wisdom and  created our 300mg CBD oil. Our 300mg CBD oil contains only three, plant based ingredients: avocado oil, peppermint and isolate CBD. It is pure, clean and direct so that you can can have trust and transparency while investing in your health. My Natural CBD is our modern rendition of herbal healing. We are also able to back up these mystical claims with science, third party testing, and support from the FDA and doctors throughout the entire US.  

Divine feminine and divine masculine meets CBD

As we begin to rediscover the long-lost tradition of extracts like CBD, people who have gynecological conditions are now able to find treatment they never had access to before. 
There are records of CBD extracts combined with other herbal infusions pre-cannabis prohibition that describe several formulations for gynecological treatment. Our peppermint + 300mg CBD oil has been inspired by teachers and healers from about 4,000 years ago. These Archival medical texts from the 1800s outline CBD healing treatments for:

  • PMS
  • pain during sex
  • menopause
  • nausea durning pregnancy
  • post-partum hemorrhage
  • difficult childbirth
  • painful urination 
  • gynecological discomfort 
  • prostate balance 


As science has progressed we are now able to actually prove if this ancient wisdom from our medicine doctors is aligned with modern day treatment. Studies suggest that the active compounds in cannabis extracts could match the efficiency of prescription drugs, with out the intense side effects and long term destruction of internal organs like your liver and kidneys. 


CBD + Pleasure 

An increasing amount of men and women and reported that CBD makes an immense positive evolution of their sexual pleasure. Our bodies are packed with endocannabinoid receptors- everywhere. This system is fully integrated in our reproductive system so that means that when CBD or other extracts enter your system, it relaxes and releases your sexual organs and all of the systems that work together to create arousal. 
With the use of CBD people are able to feel a mental head high wile also a relaxation of the body, allowing for increase of sexual experiences. 


How does this work exactly? 

Our bodies contain endocannabinoid receptors, in literally all of our major inner systems. CBD and other hemp molecules bind directly with these receptors to activate full body healing. So how exactly does CBD give you better sex? Some extracts work to stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like nitric oxide, that causes the smooth muscle of blood vessels to relax, and in turn dilate and swell with blood (aka. Increase of blood flow.)  Other extracts help to calm your mind via your nervous system, allowing you to rid of any anxiety or stress that creates mental blockages keeping you from reaching your climax. 

If you are seeking elevated pleasure, relief from sex organ discomfort, or even a calmed mind ready for arousal...our 300mg CBD tincture will be your new best friend, and it is available at our online shop right now. You can also become your very own herbalist by experimenting with our tinctures and infusing it into your favorite recipes like our decadent hemp milkshake!

Be sure to share you CBD creations with us on instagram @my_naturalcbd for a feature!  


- FDA Disclaimer - *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Molly Behunin
Molly Behunin

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